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The last Sahabi alive. The last good fellow alive. This is how they call this tree located in the inhospitable desert in northern Jordan.
A caravan going to Syria sat down under its shadow. Muhammad, the future Prophet of Islam, was travelling with the caravan. He was as young as nine years old and was accompanying his uncle Abu Talib.
When Bahira, who was a Christian monk retired in solitude in a cell nearby, saw the caravan arriving, he was impressed to realise that a little cloud was moving over the heads of some of the travellers, protecting them from the scorching sun. He was also very surprised to see that the branches of the tree sink down to the caravan that sat down to have a rest under its crown.
Bahira had read an old manuscript in which the arrival of a new prophet was announced and he had the clear intuition that he would meet him during his lifetime. Those little miracles were just confirming that the arrival of the Prophet was coming soon. Then he prepared the food supplies he had and invited the Quraish caravan to share them with him, meeting all the “young and old, slaves and free people”. When the caravan approached to him, he examined their faces one by one, and he could not detect any of the signals announced in the manuscript, so he asked if anybody had stayed under the tree.
A little boy stayed and his name is Muhammad, they told him. They immediately invited him to share the lunch with the Christian monk. When he looked at Muhammad, he recognized the prophecy sign in his face, asked him some questions in order to confirm its intuition and finally reached to see on his back the seal of the Prophethood mentioned in the manuscrypt. He was astonished and advised Abu Talib about his nephew: big things but also big troubles were waiting for him.
Today, 1400 years later, the blessed tree is still alone, without any other tree around.
Inilah pohon yang memahami cinta buat Nabinya Muhammad SAW صلى الله عليه وسلم. Pohon yang diberkati.

Sehingga sekarang pokok ini masih hidup lagi di Jordan. Sebab itu ianya digelar "the only living sahabi" atau "sahabat Nabi yang masih hidup".
Sedikit sejarah mengenainya...
Ketika Rasulullah صلى الله عليه وسلم keluar ke Syam bersama Maisarah -pekerja Sayyidatuna Khadijah ra- untuk berniaga, Baginda صلى الله عليه وسلم pernah berteduh di bawah pohon ini sebelum sampai ke sana.
Semasa Baginda صلى الله عليه وسلم berteduh di bawahnya, dahan dan ranting² pohon ini bergerak menaungi Baginda صلى الله عليه وسلم daripada cahaya matahari.
Seorang paderi yang melihat kejadian ini datang bertemu Maisarah & menunjukkan kepadanya pohon tempat teduhan Rasulullah صلى الله عليه وسلم itu dengan berkata: "Hanya seorang Nabi sahaja yang berteduh di bawah pohon ini."
Pohon ini terletak di tengah padang pasir bernama Buqa'awiyya di negara Jordan. Dari segi geografi, ia berdekatan dengan kota Bosra di Syria. Sebagaimana kita tahu, Rasulullah S.A.W 2 kali tiba di Bosra 1. Ketika bersama bapa saudaranya Abi Talib sewaktu berumur 12 tahun & bertemu dengan Rahib Buhaira dan terserlah tanda kerasulan baginda di belakang bahu sepertimana tercatat dalam kitab injil tentang tanda kerasulan nabi akhir zaman. 2. kali kedua rasulullah ke bosra membawa barang dagangan saidatina khadijah. apa yg menarik..selepas dari tanah Tabuk hingga ke Bosra sejauh lebih 500km..kita tidak akan berjumpa dengan pokok seumpama di atas.
~ Lihatlah sampai hari ini ia tetap subur walaupun berada di tengah-tengah padang pasir yang kering kontang. Tiada tumbuhan hidup sepertinya. ALLAH menghidupkannya dengan kehendak-NYA jua, ALLAHU ALLAH.

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Asia Air Pollution: Real-time Air Quality Index (AQI) - INDEKS PENCEMAR UDARA ASIA [ REALTIME ]


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last updated 3 jun 2013

CLick => windows + r (run)
Type => msconfig
Go to => Start Up Tab
Un check => RandomAlphabets.exe (aygfe7yrgfeirugh.exe) or something which looks like malware
Last step => ok and restart your PC :)

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Have you clicked a link in FaceBook chat and now your computer is infected? Have you received a strange message with a link in FaceBook chat and you don't know what is it? This is a good starting point to find more about.

How the virus works
Since December, there is a virus crawling through the FaceBook Chat: a worm, to be more accurate
What is this virus?
Pretty easy: like almost all the infections you can get through a social network, it is just a simple message you'll receive in FaceBook Chat. One of your friend will send you this message, which is something like "foto :-)", "pic :)" and a link to the photo itself. Presumably.
DON'T click it.
Whatever thing could happen, don't click that link. Never.
What to do, then? The first thing is "Don't panic". Until now, nothing bad happened: you've only received a message with a potential virus, but the virus is not in your computer, yet. Simply close that chat window and everything will be fine. And DON'T click the link.
As a second step, I'd suggest you to write a message to your friend, the one who sent you the link with the virus. It's not mandatory, but it's a nice thing from you. DON'T copy the link in the message: just write "I got a strange link from you" and explain what happened and everything will be fine. If you got the link from his/her Facebook profile, this means that your friend is already infected by that virus and now the virus itself is trying to spread, without your friend ever notice it. If you inform him/her, you'll surely do him/her a favour and you'll help avoiding that other friends will be infected by the virus
Now, what happens if you click the link?
First of all, you made a really bad move. But well, it can happen. Maybe you involuntarily clicked it, or you really trusted your friend, who knows. It would be better to be more cautious in the Web, but by now you did it. Time to find a solution. Let's see.
If you click the link, you'll be send to a fake FaceBook page, which says that the picture you were looking for has been moved, for whatever reason. If you want to see the picture, you must click on a button, which looks exactly like a common FaceBook button, like the one you usually click in order to activate an app. Have you clicked it? Great! Now, your computer has just won a new virus.

Clicking on that fake button, you haven't activated any app and you haven't seen any picture, since no picture ever existed! It was a trick, made by the one who programmed the virus: a bait, in order to make you click and install the virus in your computer. Maybe the virus has a name, which looks like a real photo from FaceBook, but the truth is that it's not a photo: it's an executable file, which will install itself in your computer as soon as you click and accept.
This kind of virus is usually called "Worm": it is a virus often hidden in a fake web page, which spreads itself through the Web, from a computer to another. Those pages are clearly fake, but very similar to an original page and they can deceive an inattentive user. After infected your computer, this virus will keep working, trying to spread through all of your contacts, using the same trick which already worked with you: fake links and fake pages.

A worm virus works like this. Their name comes exactly from it: worm, since they crawl from a computer to another, digging through fake pages.